About XIT API.

XChangeIT API Purpose

These are the salient points that the new REST API will provide in the daily operation:

  • XChangeIT opens the communication to use REST Verbs in the daily data transfers.
  • We allow interconnection with Cloud Systems and Cloud Vendors.
  • We maintain a proper level of security forcing the Oauth v2 for daily token validation.
  • We provide better compatibility with new standards using defacto Json representation form.

How to Use It

To be able to connect to the API, we have designed specific steps that are required on a daily basis. For example:

At the beginning or during the day.
  1. Negotiate a security token with Okta (Identity Security Provider).
  2. Recover the list of available distributors from our CS API.
  3. Get the specific DD3 information for the required Distributor.
  4. Integrate that information with your inventories.
At the end of the day (or end of shift).
  1. Recover the distributor Account Number for each store and distributor, as required.
  2. Generate the SL3 information.
  3. Post the specific SL3 information for the required Distributor.

For a more detailed discussion on the process for developers, please contact Juan Acosta.

XChangeIT Standards

XChangeIT has six standards in use at the moment. The standards are: DD2, SL2, RTD, RTF, RCF and SB1. Those standards are used to manage text files and data transfers.
Please contact us for more information.


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